Background Investigation Services


HSC provides in-depth investigative reports through our trained specialists. We offer a secure easy-to-use, online system to help protect businesses from the risks and associated costs of high turnover, fraud, abuse or litigious situations.

Completed background checks include detailed records from authorized reporting sources and summarized results for a comprehensive review of an applicant’s history. All searches are provided individually or can be customized based on your requirements. Adverse action management is also provided for each of our services listed:

    • National Criminal and Civil Background Check
    • Statewide Criminal and Civil Background Check
    • County Specific Criminal and Civil Background Check
    • Motor Vehicle Records Check
    • National Sex Offender Registry
    • Office of Inspector General
    • Credit Report
    • Social Security Verification and Address Trace
    • Education, Degree and Certification Verification
    • Professional and Personal Reference Verifications
    • Employment Verifications

Our custom-designed system provides the functionality and reliability for employers to submit background checks in accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act. With criminal and civil records forming the foundation of most background checks, HSC can help with understanding the variety of searches available and the complexity surrounding the results.

HSC provides a wide range of employment-related services to assist employers in managing a successful workforce. We work closely with you to meet your specific hiring criteria in conjunction with all Federal and State laws and requirements.

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