COVID-19 Resources has developed a contactless temperature screening tool that quickly and easily scans every person who comes into a facility for an elevated temperature – one of the most common symptoms of COVID-19 and can be an indicator of the need for additional screening and testing. The point-of-entry screening gives hospitals tools to safely identify potentially infectious patients and take appropriate actions. The autonomous monitoring platform can also be used to create “self-aware” patient rooms that can detect changes or variations in patient status or lack of movement and alert staff of the need to intervene. With autonomous patient monitoring, staff can conserve personal protective equipment and minimize potential infection exposure while ensuring patients get all the care they need.

Hagerty Consulting works with hospitals to identify all available funding opportunities and navigate their eligibility and compliance requirements.  By one estimate, hospitals could lose more than $500 billion over just 100 days because of COVID-19.  Through various legislative packages, the federal government is providing billions in funding to help hospitals with short-term liquidity and long-term recovery support.  There are multiple federal agencies responsible for administering different programs – from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and Internal Revenue Service, to the Federal Emergency Management Agency and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  Their experience in understanding how the suite of federal recovery programs facilitates a comprehensive recovery within a community can be invaluable. 

Mobile Smith has developed two COVID-19 specific mobile apps to facilitate the sharing of information for hospital employees and for the larger community. The apps are secure and HIPAA-compliant. COVID-19 will become part of the “new normal” for hospital operations; having the right tools to quickly and safely communicate information can help hospitals better manage operations.

App 1: COVID Response – Community

  • Optimized care coordination to communicate more effectively with the community
  • Hospital communication app, providing real-time access to virtual or telehealth assessment and screening tools
  • The most current, accurate and regionalized COVID-19 information available


App 2: COVID Response – Staff


  • Secure environment for health system leadership to communicate with all stakeholders
  • Hospital mobile app for internal user groups and forums to manage staff deployment
  • Reference libraries for sharing video and other content


Both apps can be deployed in as little as 72 hours and provide timely push notifications and alerts to convey breaking news, vital updates, and customized facility information.