Streamlining the flow of healthcare information

Eligibility Verifications


Healthcare Extranets (HealthXnet), a service of HSC, is a healthcare information clearinghouse based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. HealthXnet has been in operation since 1999. HealthXnet offers a number of low-cost web-based revenue cycle solutions that are easy to use and which require no IT resources to implement.

Eligibility and Benefits Inquiry

Determine health plan member eligibility, plus obtain specific information regarding PCP assignment, service level copays, remaining deductible amounts, and other detailed benefits information. Please refer to HealthXnet's Payer List for currently available eligibility inquiry health plans. 

Batch Medicaid Eligibility for Self Pay

HealthXnet's Batch Medicaid Eligibility tool allows you to find out quickly and easily how many of your self pay patients are actually covered by Medicaid. This tool is   included  with your Eligibility and Benefits Inquiry subscription. Per Inquiry Charges May Apply to some subscription types.

Claim Status Inquiry

Identify the status of a specified patient's claim from your organization. Response details vary by health plan but can include check number, payment amount, service line payment itemization, and (when applicable) detailed denial or payment adjustment reasons.

HealthXnet is endorsed by the New Mexico Medical Society.

HealthXnet provides a variety of web-based solutions for your healthcare revenue-cycle. HealthXnet solutions require no I.T. resources from your organization to implement, and organizations can be up and running in a matter of days.

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