Insurance Services


HSC offers its customers access to a variety of different insurance contracts in both the employee benefits and property and casualty areas. Specialized coverages are available for workers' compensation excess insurance and hospital professional, general and umbrella liability insurance, with access to all major insurance and reinsurance markets.  


Are you tired of double and triple digit increases in your professional, general, and excess liability premiums? Now you have a better option! 

HSC has partnered with the hospital associations in Montana and Wyoming to bring Yellowstone Insurance Exchange, RRG, to New Mexico’s rural hospital community! With over twenty carefully selected and approved hospitals in Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota, and Wyoming, you now have another option. 

Why Yellowstone?

  • Yellowstone is a select group of hospitals, not another commercial carrier that comes and goes. Hospitals own Yellowstone! 
  • With a comprehensive array of underwriting, claims, and loss prevention services, Yellowstone attends to the diverse needs of its member hospitals. Additionally, no claim will be settled without your permission.

What Our Customers Say about Yellowstone!

"Since bringing Yellowstone on as our carrier, I have learned how to have an effective risk management program. Risk management is the key to reducing liability in the hospital setting and making hospitals a safer place for our patients. Yellowstone is a group that focuses on strengthening the risk management department and giving the risk manager the resources and tools needed. Our previous carriers had not made an on-site visit in many years, and I wasn't sure if I was doing everything I needed to be doing. Once Yellowstone became our carrier, I was able to establish a first name basis with the staff. They have made several visits to our facility, we have a risk management action plan in place for the year, and we have clear goals. I feel I now know what to work on and have someone to call if I have any questions. Yellowstone is a hands-on company that has a vision, and I am pleased to be working with such professionals who care about the work they do to help make my hospital successful."   

BranDee Crockett, RN, RM
Nor-Lea General Hospital
Lovington, New Mexico

HSC is a fully licensed insurance agency with agents licensed in both life/health and property/casualty areas.